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Tara is yet another of the adorable little Chiweenies that has been raised here at Forgotten Paws. She is a very special girl and we are being very selective with her forever family.

You see…Tara has Megaesophagus. Such a huge word for such an itty bitty little puppy! As such, she has special feeding requirements. Her throat doesn’t push the food into her stomach so we use gravity to do that. We make meatballs out of normal high grade food. Her foster mama has been working with her and has trained her to use a Bailey Chair. As a puppy, she is fed several small meals a day and gets her water from Knox blocks. We make a water, chicken broth and gelatin combo, let it solidify and cut up into cubes (or use a little ice tray). She eats the little cubes so that the weight of a cube can get past the air that’s in her esophagus and get down into her stomach. Megaesophagus can be caused by an underlying disease. But that is not the case with Tara; her megaesophagus is idiopathic meaning no underlying cause can be found.Tara and her people will have a relatively easy lifestyle as her only requirements are that she eat in her Bailey chair (or be held upright) and then she needs to sit up in the chair or be held upright for an additional 30 minutes. As an adult dog, she will only need to be fed twice a day

As with all young dogs, she will need patience and training to make her the perfect addition to your family. For more information on Megaesophagus, click here. For more information on Bailey Chairs, click here.  

Important Details

All of our dogs are with foster families. If you would like to meet any of the dogs, come to one of our adoption events. Details on adoption events can be found on the Events tab of this website.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Tara, go to our Applications page.


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  Tara eating in her Bailey Chair