Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Happy Adopters

Stella Learns to Play

When we lived in North County, we fostered dogs for Forgotten Paws. This is how we came to meet Rita Mae. The one thing preventing her from getting adopted was that she was afraid of dogs. She would go to the adoption events and shiver & shake in the corner. People would look and decide instantly against her because she was scared and they thought she probably had “issues”. Her only “issue” was her fear of dogs. After 6 weeks of fostering and another heartbreaking adoption event, we made the decision to adopt Rita Mae and unfortunately, not be able to foster dogs any more.
Three years have passed and with lots of socialization and play dates, Rita Mae . . . now Stella became comfortable around small fluffy dogs. We thought the best thing for Stella (after watching her desperately trying to get our daughter’s cats to play with her) would be to get another dog. Not just any dog would do. It had to be small and fluffy.
Dawn, Christine and the wonderful crew at Forgotten Paws Animal Rescue kept a look out for us. One day, Dawn sent me a picture of a brother and sister that had arrived at the ranch. One look at those adorable faces and I needed to know more. We decided on the little girl as she was the smallest of the two. Christine fostered Sia, who we renamed Miss Murphy Brown.
Miss Murphy Brown has been with us for three weeks now and we couldn’t imagine life without her in our family. She is lively, playful, smart as a whip and follows her big sister Stella everywhere. Stella, as you can imagine had her nose out of joint for a little while, but now accepts Miss Murphy.
After their first attempt at playing, I kept the iPhone handy. I captured this wonderful moment the other morning of Stella & Murphy playing.
Thank you Forgotten Paws for rescuing our girls, loving them and keeping them safe from harm until they were able to join our family.
The Waters Clan
Stella     Waters Clan     IMG_2652-2