Playing Pokémon Go?

Playing Pokémon Go? While you’re out hunting Pokémon, use the Walk for a Dog app to help Forgotten Paws Animal Rescue! The app works in the background, tracking your walk while you hunt Pokémon and hatch eggs.

Screenshot any Pokémon your dog helps you sniff out. Post and share your screenshots on Facebook and Instagram, and tag with #walkforadog and #PokemonDogs.

The WoofTrax Team will choose five favorite posts, and WoofTrax will donate $50 to the shelter or rescue named in the post!

Share the Walk for a Dog app with your Pokémon Go friends! The more people actively walking for Forgotten Paws Animal Rescue, the more donations we are able to receive!

Now, grab your dog and catch ’em all!

The WoofTrax Team


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