Saturday, June 22, 2024

Hospice Haven

Since our inception our founder’s primary passion has been to take her critical care medical skills and focus on the old little dogs that have been discarded to the shelter system. We provide a loving home, vet care and all related medication.  We do not turn them into science projects as these are what we loving call our hospice hounds.

Most of the dogs are in need of dental exams. Oral issues are very painful and even though many of these little dogs may live months to a couple of more years, we do not let them suffer in pain with bad teeth. We provide heart medication for common heart disease. Pain medication for non-surgical orthopedic injuries and common arthritic conditions.

When they let us know, we provide a calm deserved painless passing and they are returned to their forever foster if they want to keep their remains. If that’s not possible they are laid to rest under The Pepper Tree.

Unlike dogs we rescue and then find forever homes, whose adoption fee goes towards all of the care that animal received up until their adoption, the hospice hounds are funded only through donations to Forgotten Paws Animal Rescue.

Donations received determines how many dogs we can accept into our Hospice Haven.

Our Little Sparrow

Sparrow came to us in February, 2014. She was 2 pounds, 18 years old, not much fur, no teeth, dehydrated and kind of crippled. She was surrendered to the shelter by her owners. Sparrow was such a sad little thing when she arrived. We kept her wrapped up in little fleece jackets, fed her her favorite food – roast chicken. We also made sure she was getting SQ fluids.

Sparrow is now thriving at our little haven. She has put on some weight, grown all her fur back and flits around just like her namesake – a little sparrow.

All of this is possible through the donations we receive at Forgotten Paws Animal Rescue.

Sparrow Before
Sparrow When She Arrived
Sparrow Loves Chicken
Sparrow Loves Chicken!
Sparrow getting some sun
Sparrow Catching some Rays
Sparrow After
Sparrow Healed & Happy
Dottie and Sparrow After 2
Sparrow (top) & Dottie