We’re Looking for a Utility Travel Trailer

With all of the environmental and man-made disasters that have occurred lately, we at Forgotten Paws are starting to develop evacuation procedures for our rescue and Senior Sanctuary. The ability to effectively move the dogs as well as their basic requirements like food, water and medicine is a daunting task and one we are not able to accomplish with our current vehicles.

We have also been asked to attend adoption events that are a little outside of our area and having a utility travel trailer to effectively transport dogs and their basic requirements would allow us to help these pooches find their happily ever afters.

With these thoughts in mind, we are on the lookout for a donation of a used 25-30 foot utility travel trailer. Ideally, it would need bunk beds so we can lay out the dog crates more effectively. We would also dearly love to have Air Conditioning. Our small rescue can not manage purchasing one as all money donated to our rescue is slated for the dogs and their well being. Our one mandatory requirement is that the trailer has to be road worthy.

If you have a utility travel trailer you no longer need or know of someone who has one, we would love to hear from you!! We can issue a tax receipt based on current market value for the trailer. Please send photos and a description of the trailer to admin@forgottenpaws.org.


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