This wonderful girl has us perplexed! Ginger is one of the sweetest dogs we have at the ranch right now and believe it or not . . . she’s been with us quite a while. I know, right? Look at that adorable face and tell me who would not want to adopt this beautiful girl. Let me tell you a little about sweet Ginger.

If Ginger was filling out a job application right now, the position would be Professional Lap Sitter Specializing in Feel Good Vibes. She has decided at this point in her life she wants nothing more than to be your full-time, feel good companion. She’s about 5-6 years old, around 8 pounds and is an adorable blend of chihuahua and pug. Ginger gets along with all of the dogs at her Foster’s home and her humans think she’s a special blend of adorableness. Although Ginger adores her humans, she is less tolerant of younger children – there is just too much activity and silliness for her. She’s reached the age where she loves her peace and quiet (you understand what I’m talking about!). Ginger is house trained and very adept with the social graces.

What do you think? Would you like to adopt Ginger and fulfill all of her dreams of a happily ever after?

Important Details

All of our dogs are with foster families. If you would like to meet any of the dogs, come to one of our adoption events. Details on adoption events can be found on the Events tab of this website.

For more information on Ginger, please don’t hesitate to email us.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Ginger, go to our Applications page.







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